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Windows Hosting Prices

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Windows Hosting Prices in India

Windows Hosting runs only on Windows server platform. Windows Hosting is one of the leading web hosting operating system alone with Linux Hosting. Both the Hosting can be maintained by anyone using any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) Windows Hosting support Microsoft programming languages such as Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and other major Web programming languages. Additionally, the Windows platform supports the use of MS Access and MS SQL databases and many other solutions which is developed by Microsoft. Before few years, Linux was considered as a preferred web hosting operating system because it has more security features. However, aver years not only windows hosting operating system evolved, it now offers many advantages depending on your web hosting needs and requirement and windows hosting is low cost hosting as compared to other hosting.

This is perhaps the commonest hosting package as it is a safe bet. Almost everyone who has used a Windows OS will find Windows OS Server familiar and user friendly. New users will find the hosting to be simple and also compatibility for Windows Hosting is high.

As you all know there are more than 1,000 Hosting companies around the world offering you windows hosting with many features. So, it becomes very difficult to choose one from it by visiting each company one by one and checking out who is offering the best. Here, in this page of Indian Hosting Prices we have searched and brought all the best Windows hosting companies plans, prices and packages in one place which will be helpful for you to select one from it which is affordable and best for your business. We have listed all affordable windows hosting in this page. So, compare and choose the best one at affordable price.

List of Best Windows Hosting Providers


cheap hosting

Starter –

* 1 Website
* 5 Databases
* Unlimited Storage
* Unlimited Transfer
* Plesk Control Panel
* Free SSL & SSD
* Anytime Money Back Guarantee


cheap hosting

Starter –

* 3 Websites
* 5000 MB Web Space
* 20 GB Bandwidth
* 50 Emails
* 10 FTP Accounts
* 5 Sub Domain


cheap hosting

Starter –
Rs. 119.99 /month

* 1000 MB Web Space
* Hosts 1 Domain
* UNLIMITED Bandwidth
* UNLIMITED Email Accounts
* Free WordPress Blog
* Free Website Builder


cheap hosting

Starter –
Rs. 62 /month

* 1 GB Disk Space
* 10 Email Accounts
* 10 GB Transfer/Mo.
* 1 GB Database Space
* MySQL/MS SQL 2008/12 support
* 1 Domain Hosting
* 10 Sub-domains
* 5000 Site templates


cheap hosting

Starter –
Rs. 445 /month

* Single Domain
* Unlimited Disk Space
* Unlimited Bandwidth
* Unlimited Email(s)


cheap hosting

Starter –
Rs. 59 /month

*  20 GB Space
* 100 GB Transfer
*  5 Email(s)


cheap hosting

Starter –
Rs. 419 /month

*  Unlimited Disk Space
* UnlimitedData Transfer
* Unlimited Email Accounts
* High Performance Servers


Advantages of Windows Hosting

    1. The .NET framework

Windows Hosting is the only one which support the visual basic or .NET programming framework. The Familiarity of visuall basic in the programming world gives the .NET framework an edge for websites which help to run application developed on the .NET framework or if you have functionality in your website that is developed using Visual Basic.

    1. Development

Windows and visual basic are such familiar environments, it is easier to find develors who are knows these development platforms. If your website is hosted under the windows hosting than developing applications, web functionality etc is very easy.

    1. Easy to use

Windows Hosting operating system is easy to use. Since, Windows Hosting is the easy so, it is easier to find develors who are knows these development platforms and will be able to manage a Windows based server with far more easily.

    1. Scalability

A good website grows faster and it is cheap Windows Hosting. It takes personality and represents your organizations online. You should have a scalable website and is hosting to run your site effortlessly and for a webserver this means the ability to adopt to new platforms. Windows operating system is compatible with the most commonly used programming platforms like PHP and MySQL. This will provide you windows hosting platform with the necessary scalability.

    1. .ASP and dynamically database driven pages

As more website are moving towards a dynamic enviroment. The need to create pages on fly and cater to dynamically generated content is incresingly becoming essential. Windows Hosting operating system is compatible with Active Server Pages (.ASP) and other database driven pages.

    1. Front page extensions

Microsoft front page is the most popular web design solutions. Since, both the Front Page and Windows hosting operating system are created by Microsoft the windows hosting solution ensures compatibility with Front Page extensions and its other features.

    1. Access compatibility

The common element in a website these days are Databases. If you intend to use access for the database functionality of the website, then it should be compatible with a windows hosting solution also with the option to access, the seamless integration with the windows hosting OS which makes database integration easier and smoother.

    1. Updates

Windows server operating system updates are provided by microsoft. Many Consider the microsoft updates and support to be unmatched and this will give the windows hosting platform an edge.

However, you should evaluate the need of your website and technology which would need to use conforming the operating system it should be hosted on. If the website’s functionality seems to integrate the best with Windows hosting solution, than you can select from a host of Windows based hosting packages.

If you want to know about this in detail then you can also visit Indian hosting prices Review Page and Blog Page to know about the companies, review, comparison, and ratings. From which you will get a clear picture and you can also write a comment or review about it or about the company which will be helpful for us and other peoples.